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Comenius ASPP

Our school participate 2013-2015 in Comenius project



History of Europe has been changing and we want to notice the differences. And that is the reason why we set up our project. Art, drawings in the past and photography now - children find old drawings from own country in local or national galleries and try to find places where this pictures were taken, who and what is in these drawings and after that they try to find changes of countryside via nature drawings, towns, clothes via family portrait and secondly they compere old times to nowadays. We want to encourage a better understanding changing which are among us. Our aim is to promote the complete inclusion of students with special needs in the micro-society that school represents. The second main part is about finding the oldest relatives. Students give them same questions from their childhood and compare their result with all participating schools. All the time of project we communicate together - students, teachers and improve our language knowledge. The final product is the e-book about our work drawings – photos and relatives. During programme we would like to prepare drawing lectures, photo courses as well in a special one week camps, visiting exhibitions in own and other towns. And what is more? Can we have an influence for these changes? Were these ones positives or negatives? Why is it important not to cut off the family roots? What can we learn from the previous generations? 10 schools from 10 different countries will come together via not only art but even and with the topic of international dialog of European. An active website will be prepared and this will be used in each progress of the project. All schools in this project are keen on it and very eager to cooperate together. We believe that our students will make a new friendship at the end.
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
Project webpage here.


Our school participate 2013 -2015 in Nordplus project SINTERNOBA

Social Intergration of Disadvantaged People by Exploring Nordic and Baltic Myths and Legends

This project has been funded with support from the Nordic Council.


- M.U.S.I.C
Our school participate 2010-2012 in Comenius project M.U.S.I.C. - Music Used to Spread International Culture.
Partners are from United Kingdom, Spain, Poland and Slovenia.

With this project, five schools from five countries will come together via music under the topic of intercultural dialog. Our project aims to enable pupils to feel part of a wider European community to give a sense of value to their studies in order to increase their motivation and capacity for learning. It is important to provide children regardless of ability, origin and background, the opportunity to share their cultural experiences through the local community and the wider European community. That enables us to learn despite our differences and we all make up one community that is European community. Through this project we intend to get pupils, their parents actively involved in our school life and school development.

An active website will be prepared and this will be used in each progress of the project. A handbook will be made containing simple sentences, words, songs, lyrics, notes and some information about the participating countries. The final concert will be organized in the last year of the project in Turkey in May. During the project, project works, meetings, visits will be made. With this way, the participants will come closer with the local people and they will learn different languages and cultures.


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
The preparatory visit take place Dec. 2010 in Turkey:

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